Les Miserable Curse on Humanity (Hathaway performs Fantine)


The curse on humanity and dreams of happiness, love and safety dashed and the way the world is and hopes and dreams of a better place (Les Miserables is a very overt Christian sermon describing the biblical perspective of history and life for both men, women and children; a morality tale…most people miss that).

‘I Dreamed A Dream’ Anne Hathaway’s stunning spoken and sung performance of Fantine’s song, with the words. I consider this is one of the all-time great performances by an actress. STUNNING.

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Limp Phlegm or a ‘Man o War’?


Picture 2One of the most poisonous things in this world is the box jellyfish the Portugese Man o’ War.  It is full of electrical pulsating death and awe-inspiring strike power.  But not if it’s washed up on a beach like limp phlegm.  It needs the sea and wide open spaces to work its dangerousness.  In all its power, it is still see through and has the structural integrity of a plastic bag.  But it can still sting you like a lightening bolt out of hell. Some men are like phlegm on a beach, all washed-up, transparent, see-through, like discarded plastic bags.  But God has packed within even the most limp man awesome power and pulsing energy that He wants to release as the fuel of life and adventure.

Get off that beach brothers and find your sea!

Man o War 1 - Laguna Madre 02-26-2012