Wild Byte 25/2 (Life is Dangerous)

into-the-wild-horses-731087A series of quotes or quips inspired by the writing of John & Stasi Eldredge (Ransomed Heart).

“Jesus assumes a dangerous world. Not an unpredictable one, but clearly a world in which we find ourselves in a great battle with evil. Oh yes, he assumes God is our ally, but not primarily to help us find a simple life. That’s not what is going on here..” 

~ J.E’s blog of today, 2013.

John is right, some of the Church comprehension of reality is false and infused with the fashion and culture of this world – that life is about comfort and achieving ease.  The reality is, that life is full of trouble and difficulty (“Jesus was a man acquainted with sorrows“). This is often more true for Christians because we have crossed a line, crossing swords with an implacable enemy.

So guys, if you acknowledge you are a warrior, accept that there is a war and that you are in it. Fight! Arm yourself with the realisation, that the battle is won, but we’re still engaged in the outcome.

Read John Eldredge’s full blog post here, “How Are You Interpreting Reality?” 


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