Wild Byte 22/2

ImageA series of quotes or quips inspired by the writing of John & Stasi Eldredge (Ransomed Heart).

“Women do this in marriage [resignation]. They see that they are not going to have any real intimacy with their husbands, so they lose themselves in soaps or tabloids or romance novels.”

~ J.E. Walking With God, 2008.

Ok guys, so talk to your lover and ask her plainly, do you feel connected to me?  Do I share enough of my heart with you, and are you excited about the adventure we are on together?  If not, then work together to un-package why that is, and what you can both do to make some change – not all at once – but perhaps one or two victories.  You’ll find that actually working this process through together, is actually helping to achieve the goal.

Oh, and guys…check in often with the female manifestation of God in your relationship (male and female he made THEM in the image of God).  She’s awesome and owns half the story and half the insight.  You’ll be surprised it’s not all about you. Why settle for half?

“She wanted a whole man, not just a half.”  ~ Bob Dylan.


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