Missives from America #5 (I love tech-nology…)

ImageReflecting as one Kiwi at a 550 men’s Wild@Heart Boot Camp, Mt Hermon, California, Feb 2013.

Ultimate wimpy man, “Kip” brother of Napoleon Dynamite (“Napoleon, don’t be jealous that  I’ve been chatting online with babes all day!…besides, we both know that I’m training to be a cage-fighter”) sings at his wedding to Lafonda, “I love tech-nology, but not as much as you, you see, but I still love tech-nology always and forever…”  He’s a geek but still gets his girl.

tumblr_lpqnfkYFp11r1tkmro1_500I actually hate technology, which is kinda weird, as I have two well-read blogs (one is 19th most read in NZ after six months, geeky enough I know that), an active joint-Fb, I have an intravenous  email account, a cell-phone, SKYTV with 30+ odd channels (mostly odd), a hardrive that records TV, and two laptops. Oh, and the small technicality I actually met my wife online (Kip’ism if ever there was one. Tempted to insert ad here for LoveNSeek.com, ChristianMingle or XianCafe, but resists). “Yeah Right” looms as a personalised number plate.  But its true.  I HATE my cell phone.  And I HATE all computer update/problems/gitchy things. They give my head ice cream headaches. My wife is awesome and loves getting on the phone to people in Delhi to solve my problems.  ” I Love you loving tech-nology…”


Ok, it’s SAD, I actually have the T-shirt (that my wife bought me). Guilty!

However, back at Mt Hermon, awesome Snake River lumberjack fly fisherman Man Alone John Eldredge appeals to us on opening night, “please just take this opportunity, 4 days, to disconnect, unplug yourself and get in touch.”  I totally agree (punches air), I like that, it resonates…but back at the cabin I do turn on my cell phone (which is now roamed to the US) ostensibly to make the permitted “last phone call” to leave the emergency number. Except I make more than one, except they are texts, so maybe I’m allowed ten. (“have a byte of this Apple, Adam” ~ Eve).

It’s a rule, but Pack Leader Alpha-male J.E. breaks the rules all the time, so maybe I’m being more spiritual, more manly.  (Number plate again).  I woefully slide down the manly waterslide of zero resolve when I get a txt from my wife (which is supposedly turned off, the phone, not her), “Hey, I found a web cam where you are…it’s 24/7” and dutifully make my way to the Bookshop and flag pole at an appointed synchronised time, so my wife back in New Zealand can see me via live webcam and talk on the phone while I wave (not so manly).  Ok, this is not Gladiator. More Mork and Mindy.

But hey, as I maintain, Kingdom is about community (said with narrator conviction voice); and my wife is on the other side of the earth, and I love her, and want to connect with her and tell her all about my buddies, insights, experiences.  I’m also hooking up with our three US kids, surely we need to confer about that. Yeah, right triple number plates.

John E. is right.  But so is John S.  It just depends on who is the flesh and who the spirit is, ala Romans 7.  I console myself that I am both.  Spirit working through weak flesh; our humanity a jumble of both.  As John E. says, the real hero is the one who gets up after falling down!  I have always loved Jacob, we relate (I too am a twin).  After wrestling with God (Genesis 32) what does he do? God pops jacob’s hip. Limping man (ever since, Jews never eat the thigh tendon). Godly strength through human weakness. The same with Paul and his divine blindness (or other ailment).

In the womb he [Jacob/Israel] grasped his brother’s heel, as a man he struggled with God. He struggled with the angel and overcame him, he wept and begged for his favour…”  Hosea 12:3,4.

“I moderately LIKE tech-nology…”

Nailed! on tape. Webcam Mt Hermon.  Go to the bottom of the man-class tech guy.

Nailed! on tape. Webcam Mt Hermon. Go to the bottom of the man-class tech guy.


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