NZ Feedback CA Bootcamp Feb 2013

As the only New Zealander at the California Wild@Heart Boot Camp at Mt Hermon in Feb 2013, here is some feedback from an actual Middle-Earther on the experience of being with 550 men of all backgrounds, finding our true hearts together.


3 thoughts on “NZ Feedback CA Bootcamp Feb 2013

  1. Nice to meet you John. I am Greg’s wife, Dixie, and feel like I already know you. Great to hear your take on your adventure at Wild At Heart!! Greg will never be the same and he speaks so highly of you I hope to meet you one day!!! Blessings!!

    • Hi Dixie, yes have stalked your Fb. Greg is an amazing man, we sat together for the first meal and that was a divine connection which set the tone for the entire weekend. I immediately felt connected to his heart and spirit and it was a pleasure ministering together to other wounded men; a true brother warrior. ~ J.

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